“The apparel oft proclaims the man.”-William Shakespeare

Mr. Shakespeare was certainly on to something. Even in the 15 and 1600s, he knew something that still rings so true today…your clothes speak even when you don’t. The question is, what is your style saying about you?

So many men get up in the morning and all they want to do is dress “appropriately”. Business casual in the office? Cycle through the three pair of gray, two navy and two black slacks while pairing them with the endless supply of white and periwinkle button ups and add the tie (or don’t) that is closest to the door before they walk out. And “fit”? Don’t get me started. Does this sound like you? I would apologize for it hurting when I hit this nail on the head, but you need to hear this.

Look, guys. We don’t dress well simply to look good. We dress well to be more.

Here are three things dressing well shows you value:

  1. Dressing well shows that you care about the details. They say that the devil is in the details. I say your destiny is in the details. Want to continue to be viewed as average? Continue to present yourself as an average guy who doesn’t care if his pants are too long. Know what kind of guy doesn’t shine his shoes? An average one. Know what kind of guy doesn’t care how his clothes fit? An average one. If you want to show the world that you don’t care about being great, dress like it. Otherwise, as I always say, never neglect the details and, in doing so, you will position yourself to break through the barrier of mediocrity.
  2. Dressing well shows that you care about others. Let’s say it’s your big day and you are going to marry the love of your life. You are G’d up in a custom tux and your boys are all in custom suits. Then, your best man shows up in cargo shorts and a tee shirt from his fraternity days. You’d feel a ton of things, I’m sure, and one of those feelings would be that he didn’t care enough to dress up for your wedding. Same would happen if you under dressed for an interview, a funeral, or a meeting with the President. When you value others, you dress like it.
  3. Dressing well shows that you value yourself. When you see completely capable people that are overweight and dress like slobs, you can only assume that they don’t love themselves to demand better of themselves. Conversely, when you see a guy that keeps up his physique and really puts thought into how he presents himself through his style, you assume that the guy actually cares about himself and has confidence in the man he is. You can never reach greatness without first valuing and believing in the man you are. When you dress well, it’s a great signal to the world that you value yourself.

Clothes aren’t just the things we use to cover our bodies. Our wardrobe should be an extension of ourselves that tells the world that we take ourselves seriously and value details, others and ourselves. In order to be great, we have to dress the part. Because we aren’t here just to look good. We are here to be more.

Dress like you give a damn.

Be Spoken Of

Andre’ Phillipe van den Broeck