Looking for a creative and thoughtful gift for your family, friends, or for your girl? The Man Guide is bringing the perfect gift list for this holiday season. We know that you have more than one person on your holiday list, which means that your budget is, naturally, a bit tight.

These gift ideas will please your loved ones without breaking the bank:

Lindeman’s Framboise Beer


This raspberry infused lambic is deep red with a medium body, reminiscent of a fine red wine. If you are looking for the perfect liquor to give during the holidays, consider this flavorful and beautifully presented bottle of Lindeman’s lambic. You can get these at some Whole Foods Market, and at Total Wine stores.

Price: $12.49

Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 3.44.57 PM

If you know someone who enjoys a good whiskey, then these granite stones will be the perfect gift for them. No one enjoys a watery-whiskey, and these’s cold stones are, naturally, the perfect solution.

Price: $34.95

Google’s Chromecast


If you know someone who doesn’t own a Chromecast get them one right now. This little device transform any boring TV into a smart TV. The Chromecast is a media streaming device that can be plugged to a TV’s HDMI port. Simply stream any show, movie, sports, games, music, and more. The Chromecast works with iOS devices, Android phones and tablets, Mac, and Windows.

Price: $35

Timex Weekender

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 3.58.50 PM

These great looking watches sport genuine leather bands and are a good bang for the buck. Timex, the American watch brand, offers the classic Wekeender in different versions, but that brown leather watch looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Price: $32.75

Slow Drip Cold Bruer


Know someone who is always drinking coffee? Make their lives easier with the Cold Bruer. The slow drip cold brew method offers an amazing flavorful, clear, and clean cup of cold coffee. It is simple to set-up, and easy to clean up.

Price: $80 (There’s a $10 discount on the website).

Spartan Knife Block – Maple & Walnut


This knife block made with sturdy maple and walnut is the perfect gift for the cook of the family. This conversation starter is ideal for any man cave, after all, who doesn’t like to show off their fine kitchen cutlery?

Price: $89

Warby Parker Downing Sunglasses


These limited edition sunglasses designed by the one and only Tyler Oakley are a welcomed redesign on Warby Parker’s Downing model.

Price: Starting at $95

Apple Watch – Series 2


Even though the Series 2 looks identical than the previous generation Apple Watch, this new watch includes new features such a built-in GPS, which allows the user to track their activities, and it is also water-proof, so it’s perfect for a day in the pool. It’s sleek design, brighter screen, and fast processor, make the Apple Watch Series 2 the perfect gift for this holiday season.

Price: $369