Everyone has that one friend – the guy who sends you a Snapchat of every meal they eat or live streams themselves singing in the shower. And while the constant bombardment of inane video updates quickly wears out its welcome, we still love them. So, for the Truman Show wannabe in your life, give them the perfect gift this year with the Captr Smartphone Jacket.

The newest in the ever expanding catalogue of utility coats, the Captr Smartphone Jacket combines a custom phone case with a weatherproof chest pocket with viewport so that now, no matter what they are doing, they can film their exploits totally hands free. And it couldn’t be easier.

What’s more, if their phone starts to dip in battery life, they can always plug it into the reserve battery pouch and charge on the go!

And if that is not enough, the jacket also comes equipped with versatile utility straps on the shoulders perfect for mounting a GoPro or other auxiliary camera. Moreover, the jacket makes for a great winter shell and boasts a very plush and insulating fleece liner as well.

If you would like to purchase a Captr Smartphone Jacket, check them out on Kickstarter and fund this awesome project. The jacket comes in a wide array of colors, as well as two unique styles – the Bomber shell and the lighter weight Activewear.

So if you know someone who would like to live stream their morning jogs or make hands-free videos of their various exploits, the Captr Smartphone Jacket is the perfect holiday gift.

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