As you should know by now, in this day and age men are expected to dress, smell and speak impeccably. Most TMG readers are already taking care of these aspects but often we forget about our skin, the number one area that shows whether we care about ourselves or not. If your morning routine just involves a quick shave and some warm water, your skin will look dry and lack life. But don’t worry, TMG has got you covered. Here are the best skin products for men in the order you should use them to look like you give a skin care for men

1. Cleanser

This helps you remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil in ways that water never could. The best thing is that your cleansed face will act as a blank canvas, allowing your other products to do wonders.

best skin products for men

Tom Ford Purifying Face Cleanser. Buy Here

2. Toner

Toner is an often clear liquid that helps you remove excess oil from your skin and closes up your pores, thus protecting you from acne and blackheads.

best skin products for men

MENSCIENCE Advance Face Tonic. Buy here.

3. Exfoliant

An exfoliant removes dead skin cells and any other residue that your toner would have missed. Remember how 10 years ago you used to see girls do it and wonder, “What the hell is that on your face?”, well that on her face was the secret behind her flawless skin. Now you can have it too. Exfoliating will make you look younger and give you a “fresh” appearance.

best skin products for men

H2O Energizing Facial Scrub. Buy here.

4. Anti-againg Moisturizer

This is the final and most important step. Moisturizers can come in lotion or cream and will make your skin softer and smoother by hydrating it and keeping it young. Many moisturizers come with a bit of sunscreen because the sun is the skin’s number one enemy.

best skin products for men


Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting. Buy here.

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