How to break-ups, my fantasy crush and what makes me feel sexy are the subjects of this week’s “Ask Angie“.

Dear Angie, I’ve been in a relationship for over a year now and I feel like its time to move on. How do I break up with this girl like a gentleman? I don’t want to hurt her and I certainly don’t want a bad reputation amongst the many mutual female friends we have.

Well it sounds like maybe you have a little interest in the other females in the group and that’s ok. But you’ve been with this girl for a year and I think she deserves the respect for an in-person conversation. You know, just be kind and compassionate. You started dating this girl for a reason and she probably still has a lot of great qualities but you’re finding that it’s just not working out. So give her that respect, let her down easy and be a man about it.


Dear Angie, If you can have a threesome with one female and one male celebrity who would you chose and why?Angie Stevenson

OK, my all time crush right now is so sexy! Jason Momoa, if you are out there, hi baby! I love you!(laughs) I’m just kidding. He is very strong. He is a manly man. I like a good guy’s guy. I follow him on social media. He looks like he has fun in life and he would really make me laugh and smile and have a really good orgasm. Female would be Angelina Jolie. She is my favorite.  There is just something so dark and mysterious about her and I think she goes both ways. I’ve read that in interviews. She is just sexy; I mean those lips. What more could you want?


Dear Angie, My question is rather simple. What makes a gorgeous woman like you feel sexy?

There is a lot of things that make me feel sexy. Anything from sexy high heels, stockings, red lipstick, music can really make you feel sexy and get you in the mood, and lingerie. All of those things but mostly it’s a man that makes me feel sexy. The way he treats me and compliments me. Simple things like walking by me in the kitchen and smacking my ass. Simple things like that, that show you are desirable and that you turn him on can really make you feel sexy and the guy will be rewarded for it.

Alright guys, well that’s it for this week. That was so much fun and Jason if your out there, tweet me ask me anything!

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