Getting sh*t done. Everyone has their own tips or techniques for being more productive, be it putting paper clips in a jar, drinking more water or just waking up earlier.

But how about increasing your effectiveness via technology? Getting the most out of that smartphone in your pocket isn’t difficult — with just a few taps you could be well on your way to kicking serious office ass. We’re always on our phone, we might as well increase our productivity with them.

To help, here’s a selection of great apps to be more productive get you on your way to that well-deserved raise:

Wunderlist — To-do list app

Apps to Be More Productive

I make use of Wunderlist to plan a ton of stuff I need to get done, be it tasks at work, my grocery list or a reminder that I need to write this very article.

Available for free, Wunderlist is on a wide range of devices, and can even be accessed on the web, with full synchronising across devices — meaning your to-do’s are always up-to-date regardless of which device you’re using.

Apps to Be More Productive

Once you’ve got the app, it’s best to develop a habit of quickly tapping in whatever you need to get done, doing away with the typical post-it clutter. With a digital back-up of the things you need to get done, you’ll hopefully never forget again that one task you keep forgetting.

And, hey it doesn’t just have to be used for dull stuff — the app makes for a great way to remind yourself of what long term goals you have on your bucket list. Go skydiving? Tick!

Outlook — Email & Calendar

Apps to Be More Productive

If you’d told me a year ago that I would be recommending a Microsoft app for iOS I probably would have had a hard time believing it, but Microsoft’s latest efforts have been solid.

Having never been truly happy with the built-in mail app on iOS, I’ve tested countless email apps over the year, outlook was a pleasant surprise. Offering a solution which can be a real boon to your productivity, Outlook does a lot right.

Like Mailbox before it, Outlook has quick swipe actions, allowing you to blast through your inbox fast and snooze the unimportant stuff for later. Microsoft’s app also boasts solid support for a range of email accounts and pulls them all together in a considered and effective way, allowing you to get an overview of your inbox and unified calendars. File support is also second to none, integrating with OneDrive and Dropbox seamlessly.

Outlook is available now for free.

Slack — Team Communication

Apps to Be More Productive

Work in a team? Then you need Slack in your life.

This handy tool simplifies the often unnecessarily complex task of team communication, offering a fully searchable, accessible platform to do one thing and do it well: chat — we even use it here at TMG. If I learned anything in the golden years of my athletic career (which ended in high school), good communication with your team members is the key to success. Stop emailing for every little task and just talk to your colleagues as you would with your friends.

Apps to Be More Productive

Offering a range of apps on iOS, Android and desktop, the chat app makes talking to your co-workers a breeze.

Pocket — ‘Read Later’ Service

Apps to Be More Productive

Ok, so this recommendation is here purely because it lets you shift your procrastination problems to another time. Scrolling Twitter at work and come across a great article you want to read? Maybe you see a video you want to check out whilst browsing Reddit.

Well, this is where Pocket can help – the app will collect all your saved links and ‘pocket’ them for later. Keeping you productive now and saving the procrastination for later.

I use it to save great links I stumble upon during my office hours and then catch up with my reading list with a coffee or a beer over the weekend.

Evernote — Note Keeping

Apps to Be More Productive

Bringing together all those little notes, clippings and pics can be a hassle. You may want to save a quick note against a certain website, or jot down something related to a project you’re working on. This is where Evernote comes in.

The popular free app takes the hassle out of keeping all those sort of notes in check, and as a bonus: synced across all your devices. The app makes it super easy to search through all your notes, giving you easy access to that random thought you jotted down about six months ago.