This week Angie answers our reader’s questions about privacy, trust and size, the way only Angie can. In case you haven’t figured it out, that’s why we love her so damn much around here!

Dear Angie, I keep hearing that women enjoy guys with substantial girth. Unfortunately for me, I’m more like a pencil than a beer can. Is there anything that can make it better or as good if the guy is average to slim in the girth department?

I’ve been with all shapes and sizes. Sometimes too small isn’t great. Sometimes too big is too much. So I think for you the best thing would be to make it up in other ways. Get some toys. Have some toys handy and try to please your woman that way. Get very good at oral sex. Get her off first that way you’ll feel better inside that you are satisfying her right off the bat. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be super thick a little bit longer can hit the G-Spot and that’s great. That’s what we hope for and I think you’re ok. Just be well rounded. You got this.

Dear Angie, My girlfriend and I have been together for over a year and we’ve fought like crazy from the beginning. Every time we fight, she threatens to break up with me. This hurts my feelings. Is this normal and what should I do?

It is definitely not normal behavior and it sounds like a very toxic relationship. I think you can do better. Unless she is adult enough to come to you with a specific problem and try to work through it, you don’t need to deal with that. Move on and find a more mature girl. Sounds childish to me.

Dear Angie, I’ve been with my girl for six months. I just recently found her scrolling through my phone and was very upset about it. I don’t know why she is doing this. I’ve never given her reason to doubt me and it is making me very uncomfortable. What should I do and why doesn’t she trust me?

I have had that done before and it’s a really bad feeling. It really sets the pace for a very non trusting unhealthy relationship. If you really like this girl, I would have a talk with her and find out what is making her feel insecure. But the bottom line is that everyone should be allowed to their privacy and if your going to look, you’re going to find something that isn’t going to make you happy. We are all human and its easy to read into a text message. These days people can tap your cell phones. They can see everything that you are viewing. She can go on your computer and look. It’s just not right to pry into someone’s privacy. So I would right up front acknowledge it with her. Nip it in the butt now and if it continues to happen, maybe reevaluate your relationship because really without trust you have nothing.

Alright guys, that’s it for this week’s Ask Angie. Keep sending your questions. I really love them. I hope they help. I’m having so much fun talking to you guys, getting to know you and hearing about all of your concerns and questions. Keep sending them in. I’m here for you. You can ask me anything.

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