Fathers. Can’t live with them, wouldn’t be alive on this Earth without them. But even if your relationship with your dad is less Hallmark Moment and more Homer and Bart, there’s at least one day where you should pay back the guy who had sex with your mom three months before your birthday.

Here are some Man Guide approved methods to have some quality bonding time with your pop this Father’s Day.

  1. Take Him Out to the Ball Game

If you have fond memories of playing catch with your old man, bring them back to life by taking him out to catch a game. Even if you can’t manage to take him out to a major league game, chances are you can find some sort of minor league event in your area. If all else fails, grab the pigskin and have a pickup game in the park.

  1. Go Bowling

people, leisure, sport and entertainment concept - close up of young man throwing ball to alley in bowling club

If you and/or your dad aren’t big on sports, hit your local bowling alley to enjoy some friendly competition, junk food, and some brews. It’s a fun, relaxed, low-stress environment where you two can just relax and enjoy some quality time without having to make awkward small talk about what you’re doing with your life and why you won’t just go to law school like your cousin Jimmy.

  1. Bond Over A Great Cigar

Fathers are a lot like children. All they really want is to spend quality time with the people they love. And one time-tested way of bonding with the old man is by lighting up a couple of world-class cigars and enjoying a meaningful conversation. Show your father you aren’t a kid anymore by purchasing a couple of great cigars. You don’t need to break the bank either. Padron Cigars, which have consistently received the highest ratings by Cigar Aficionado, offers great smokes in the $8 – $25 range. We suggest you consider their Padron Series 3000 or their 1926 Series #9.

  1. Do a Home Project Together

Two carpenters working at location.Repairing furniture.

Nothing brings men together quite like fooling around with power tools. If your family is Do-It-Yourself oriented, you probably don’t need an excuse to break out the hammer and nails and put together a spice rack or paint the bathroom. Even if your dad is less Mike Holmes and more Home Improvement, you two can still have plenty of fun trying to figure out how to put together some IKEA furniture or another small project that won’t require calling in actual contractors when you inevitably fuck it up.

  1. Marathon Some Classic Movies

If neither of you have any interest in going outside or doing something that requires actual effort, why not just spend a lazy Sunday afternoon watching some classic bro-flicks with your pop. If you two like to kick it old school, you guys can veg out with some awesome Westerns or with some classic Oscar winners. However, if all else fails, you two can fall back on Rudy. Everyone loves Rudy.

  1. Go Fishing

Father,son and grandfather fishing

The ultimate in father-son bonding activities and for good reason. Just you and your dad hanging out on the lake catching some fish and communing with the joys of nature. But try to avoid drifting down to any hillbilly enclaves where the locals enjoy duelling banjos and making city boys squeal like pigs.

  1. Beer/Wine Tasting

Whether your dad is a staunch lager man or a proud merlot enthusiast, he would surely appreciate you taking him out to an activity where all he has to do is drink craft alcohol. Just be careful that he doesn’t get too into it and decides to start home-brewing. Your mother will never forgive you.

  1. Have a Barbecue

lterer Sohn grillt mit seinem Vater

When you were growing up, your father was the master of the grill. However, this Father’s Day show your dad that the master has become the apprentice by grilling up a delicious feast of charred meats that would make Ron Swanson salivate. If you’re really looking to impress and want to put your grill through its paces, check out this list of elaborate barbecue recipes from The Guardian.

  1. Test Drive a Car

Some men have a love story with a car, but often times that romance just isn’t meant to be when you have kids you have to haul around to soccer practice and such. Help your dad reconnect with his old flame by scheduling a Sunday test drive for some ridiculously expensive roadster no one but a corrupt Saudi prince would actually buy.