There are a lot of reasons you should want to get healthy: you’ll live longer, you’ll feel better, you’ll look better, etc. But there is one reason that does not get addressed very often, although it is almost certainly one of the primary causes for people to start working out.

We want to get better and sex.

Very few people out there say to themselves “damn, I am just too darn good at screwing! I should pull it back a bit.” It is something that, even if you are a straight up sexual mustang, could probably be even better at with a little careful training.

Cause that is most of what sex is, right? A feat of strength and endurance. So here are a few easy exercises you can do in your home that will transform you into a sexual adonais.


You might know kegels as those exercises new moms do to rejuvenate their vagina after that baby blew the barn doors off the joint. These exercises work out the pelvic floor, including the pubococcygeus muscles (the ones that help you hold it during car trips) and others. They work great for women, but guess what? Men have these muscles too! And what is near these muscles in men? Our dicks! Kegel exercises not only help men with bladder control, but it can also improve cases of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

And they are pretty easy too. How do they work? Next time you are taking a piss, just cut off the stream for a bit. Try not to clench your stomach, butt, or thighs, and really focus on the muscles in your bits. Gradually up the duration and there you go. A brand new dick workout you can try every time you take a leak.



If you aren’t already doing planks, you are fucking up. Planks are one of the most effective ways to build upper body endurance and strength. They also do a pretty decent job of activating your core as well. And if you can’t see how having strong arms, chest, and core could help you screw better, then you are doing something wrong.

man shows how to plank

How do you do planks? Get into a starting push up position (arms shoulder width apart, lock your elbows, keeps your butt down, back straight) and just hold it there. See how long you can go for. It’s harder than it seems.


Leg Lifts

Again, another work out for your core. Are we seeing a pattern here? Strong core = better thrusting power + improved stamina.

To do a proper leg lift, lie faceup with your arms down at your sides, palms touching the ground. Then lift your legs six inches off the ground, keeping them locked at the knees. Avoid sticking your belly in the air. If you want to get fancy, you can throw in some scissor kicks, or go all the way back and bicycle it out for a second too.



Again, you should already be doing crunches anyway, unless you are a fan of looking like Winnie the Pooh.  Crunches are the oldest and one of the most effective ways to strengthen and tone your core. You did them in gym class your entire childhood. Keep doing them.

man doing crunches

Crunch tips? Focus on your core and try not to strain your neck. If you want to get more intense, break out the stability ball and try doing crunches while focusing on your balance. This not only gives you a wider range of motion, but also forces you to isolate certain muscle groups.


Push Ups

Upper body strength is important for a bunch of fun sex moves too. And, if we are all being honest here, push ups already kind of look like you are trying to fuck a ghost. Up, down, up, down. Yeah, it’s a silly visual, but those skills do translate to the bedroom.

Do I have to explain how to do a pushup? Really? Have you not read any of these other articles? Okay fine. Arms shoulder width apart (or closer or farther depending on what you are trying to work out), keep your knees locked, back straight, and go up and down, up and down. Fuck that ghost, buddy. Fuck it back to life.


Bench Press

More upper body. The principle is basically the same as with pushups, except here we can focus more on pure strength. With pushups, you can only do so much weight (unless someone sits on your back, you crazy bastard). The bench lets you really focus on building raw strength in your chest, and to a lesser extent your arms.

man doing bench press workout in gym

If you want to go HAM, break out the stability ball again and do chest flys with some dumbbells, giving this chest-fest a little bit of core.



Studies have shown that squats can increase levels of testosterone as well as blood flow to the pelvic region. Both of those things should ring a pretty clear bell as to why they help in the sex department.

If you are going to start doing squats (and you should) make sure you focus on your form. Doing squats wrong is a great way to mess up your back and hurt yourself. Start by taking a dumbbell in each hand, arms straight, and bend your knees like you are going to sit down. Make sure you keep your back straight and are looking forward. As you go down, slowly raise your arms out in front of you, making sure to keep your elbows locked. Do 15 reps of those and you’re golden.



Same thing with squats – lunges not only help increase stamina and overall strength, but they loosen you up and increase blood flow to those *special* areas. They also help improve your balance, in case you wind up trying to do some sexual trapeze.

man doing lunges
Do a perfect lunge by standing up straight, step forward about one and a half feet, and bend both knees to a 90 degree angle (your back knee should be about an inch off the ground). Drive through your front heel to stand up, and repeat for at least 15 sets. You can also hold onto dumbbells to increase the intensity.