Schools test for book knowledge, but many other valuable skills must, unfortunately,  be picked up elsewhere. Reaching adulthood should involve acquiring virtues and skills that will help you in life. Often times seeking for yourself is the only way to find them. Let us provide some direction to your effort with this primer of some of the most valuable skills one should possess–yet schools leave untouched.

Valuable Skill #1 – Networking

Leave others remembering your name and, more importantly, liking you. Truth is, people will drop opportunities on their buddies over strangers, and having friends in high places can be an enormous boon. Learning to network is also valuable when it comes to helping others: maybe you’re not in a position to help a friend in need but someone in your network could.

Valuable Skill #2 – Speaking well

You’re going to want to share yourself with or influence others at some point. Whether you’re hosting a presentation or bearing your heart, knowing how to convey your thoughts opens up new avenues. Learn how to speak and make people listen here.

Valuable Skill #3 – How and when to bend the truth

If you’re vying for a position, sometimes it’s best to fake it till you make it. Other times, you should color a statement to give people the correct impression, even if it’s not entirely forthright. Think white lies and benign spin – try not to hurt others in the process. Pro tip: when your girl asks you whether she looks good with what she’s wearing the answer is always ‘Yes’, regardless of how accurate it is.

Valuable Skill #4 – How to handle money

Accounts, budgets, taxes, and credit are important things to understand. You’re going to need to deal with them at some point, and the sooner the better – money is a large governing force in your future. Learn how to budget successfully here.

Valuable Skill # 5 – How to use Google

You have almost the entire breadth of human knowledge available to you, often sitting right in your pocket. Become proficient with this powerful tool to research anything from home maintenance to how to pit an avocado. Google has endless tools that go unnoticed by most users–don’t be one of them.

Valuable Skill #6 – How to set your life priorities

Want to bustle your way to CEO of a major company? Great. Mind the time investment. Some, however, would be happiest with a little coffee shop in their home town. Your well-being should be a major factor in your long term decisions. David Brooks, the famous NY times columnist, said that colleges should offer a class on how to choose your wife because your happiness is heavily influenced by who spend your life with.

Valuable Skill #7 – How to be charismatic

Knowing your craft is important; having connections is also important but a lot of successful people have it made it to the top by, among other things, being well-liked and attractive in a way that people just gravitate towards them. Cultivating the valuable skill of charisma is important. Try to laugh more and be positive whenever you meet someone, it will pay off. Be better at speaking with strangers at social events!