Mornings are not everyone’s friend. Even those of us who pretend to be ‘morning people’ have a rough morning every once in a while. However, there are tricks! Tricks, hacks and tried-and-true things that will make your morning run smoother and your afternoon more energized (yes, it is possible).

Here are 9 helpful hacks to make your morning less of a pain and your afternoon self more energized:

1) Pick your clothes the night before. This may seem simple, but it will cut at least 10 minutes from your morning routine, allowing you to have more time to yourself in the morning. Plus, you won’t spend any time stressing about weather this sweater matches this shirt or this tie.

2) Organize your day the night before as well. Organizing your planner and your daily checklist the night before allows you to just ‘follow the plan’ instead of worrying about what to do next. The key to following your plans to the letter is to not only make a checklist, but assign an order and a definite amount of time to each task.

3) Eat breakfast. You know that saying, the one everyone tells you all the time: ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day!’ I don’t know if it tops my mid afternoon snack, but breakfast is nonetheless very important. Sometimes we forget that food is our body’s fuel and without it we are running on fumes (and coffee!). So make yourself some breakfast and take your time to eat it.

4) Drink water. Speaking of fueling your body, water is a necessary companion to the energy your breakfast gives you. Plus, you’re supposed to drink a lot of water throughout your day, and we all know no one does, but one glass every morning could make all the difference. Make it iced water to wake you up even more!

5) Put your alarm across the room. I am terrible for this myself – the snooze button is my best friend and worst enemy. Snoozing actually makes you less energized once you wake up, believe it or not. So, do not snooze in the morning, set your alarm and put it across the room. It will force you out of bed and into the real world. It will suck at first, but it will ultimately give you more time in the morning! You don’t want to start off the day by procrastinating.

6) Stay away from work AND COMPUTER for at least an hour. Do not check your e-mail, do not answer work calls, this is your time. Your work has you all day, but for one hour every morning, make it your time. This will help you relax, enjoy your mornings, and make you less stressed all day!

7) Don’t touch your tech for at least a half hour before bed. If you go to bed right after staring at a screen, it will take you longer to fall asleep. So, a half hour before bed, turn the technology off and spend some time with your loved ones, or reading a book. It will help you fall asleep faster, and ultimately give you more REM sleep. More quality sleep equals a happier morning.

8) Get up earlier. Getting up earlier gives you enough time to stay away from your email and take all the time you need getting ready. We know you’re used to always being in a rush in the morning, but waking up early gets rid of all of that, resulting in more peace of mind.

8) Workout. No one wants to work out right when they wake up, but once you get into a routine, you’ll notice the difference. Even just a small 20-minute workout can do the trick. You can go for a short run, or do some light cardio at home, even yoga helps. It tells your body to wake up and sets you up for an energetic day.

9) Shower and groom. Your day can only go downhill if you’re the kind of guy who wakes up only half an hour before he’s needed at the office,throws on any shirt that’s laying around, and barely brushes his teeth before heading out. Showering and grooming (shaving, taking care of your skin, combing your hair) will add an extra boost of energy you didn’t know was available–you will look better too, providing you with an air of confidence that can only improve your day.