Staying in a hotel can be nice when you are on vacation. You can wake up, leave the room a mess (within reason…), and come back to a freshly made bed and a tidy bathroom. It’s a good feeling.

However, if you are staying in a hotel with dozens – or hundreds – of rooms, they have to be cutting corners somewhere. And they are. But it doesn’t stop there.

So, before you book your next trip, keep these things in mind.

The Comforter is Disgusting

Seriously, it’s gross. Sure, they wash the sheets in between every guest, but the comforter and decorative pillows often don’t see the inside of a laundromat for years!

Maid making bed in hotel room

“[Most hotels have] two sets of outer blankets, one for winter and one for summer. Sometimes they were just washed when we took them off for the season and put them away and didn’t rewash them when we got them back out again the following year” Hannah M. (B&B)

What makes this truly gross is when you realize what people typically do with the comforter/decorative pillows – throw them on the nasty floor. Yep, so that thing rubbing all over your sheets and pillows are likely covered with all the dust mites and grit trapped in that equally filthy carpet.


Not Everything Gets Cleaned Right

Hotels deal with a high volume, so the faster they can clean a single room the better. And, at a certain point, that means simply ignoring some of the mess. Like inside the drawers, and closets, and even the glassware.

So if someone left a pile of sweaty socks and underwear in the dresser before you arrived, guess what? Their stink and germs are still lingering in there, however faint. And the glasses? Don’t even go near those. Oftentimes they just swish a little tap water in there and leave them out to dry.

Someone Died in Your Room

closeup of some different pills in the nightstand and a young man laying in bed with his eyes closed, at night

Well, maybe not, but there is a pretty good chance. A lot of people visit hotels to do any of a number of explicit acts – from hard drugs and sex parties to finding a quiet place with a bathtub they can kill themselves in. Hotels draw clientele from a lot of our cultures seedy corners. In fact, most managers working in hotels end up seeing a number of dead bodies during their time at work. So if you are afraid of ghosts, a hotel is probably not your best bet.

Someone Definitely Peed in Your Bed

While not every room ends up being a murder scene, pretty much every mattress in a hotel has, at one time or another, been peed on. Or worse. And what do they do?

Leave it on its side to dry, then flip it over and put it back.

Concierge is a Joke

Do you have a spa. Good-looking businessman leaning against the hotel counter and viewing information holder which is displayed by a smiling female receptionist

If you are looking for cool stuff to do in a new city, the hotel concierge seems like a good way to get to know the town quickly. I mean, it’s their job, right?

Exactly. It is their job.

And just like any job, these concierges are likely getting paid to promote certain places. Certain places that like to prey on tourists. If you want to really get to know a city, ask the bell hop. You can bet after a long day of humping luggage up and down stairs, these dudes know a legit spot to get a drink.

The “Lost and Find It Yourself”

Pretty much every hotel has a lost and found. People leave crap behind all the time when they are rushing to pack up before their noon checkout. And, seeing that the hotel had your credit card on file, it seems like it would be pretty easy to track you down to let you know that they found your beard trimmer or flip flops.

But they won’t. Ever. In fact, some establishments even pride themselves on their ever growing inventory of lost-but-never-claimed items.

So keep a checklist, cause if you don’t call, you’re never getting it back.