Bleeding After Shaving

There’s nothing worse than getting blood on the collar of your shirt right before you go in to work. However, there are a few age-old solutions to stop bleeding after shaving that are worth checking out before your next shave. They could save you on your next laundry bill.

Styptic Pencil

Bleeding After Shaving

Aluminum Sulfate does all the work for you. This product will burn like the devil, but it will also close all the cuts in a hurry, and stop the bleeding. If you nicked yourself with a razor, and you fashion yourself a manly-man, this is probably the manliest thing you can do. It hurts like hell, so be prepared.


Like the Styptic pencil, deodorant has a chemical in it that stops discourages blood from spilling out of your neck should to cut yourself with a razor. Aluminum Chloride, the chemical in deodorant, is a hemostatic agent that helps blood to clot. All you have to do is rub some deodorant on a cue tip, or cotton ball, and apply it to your gaping flesh wound.

Protip: this is also why some people suggest using deodorant on razor burn. It’ll help with that too.

Bleeding After Shaving

Lip Balm

The lip balm doesn’t so much work as a clotting agent, as it does an invisible bandaid. The waxy balm will coat your cut, and encourage clotting by protecting the wound. It’s pretty effective, and there’s probably a good chance that your girlfriend has left a couple of these kicking around your place.

Bleeding After Shaving


Be honest. You probably have Visine kicking around your bachelor pad already. Visine works by constricting blood vessels in your eye. It’ll work the same way on your precious, nicked skin too. A drop here, and a drop there of Visine will stop shaving nicks from bleeding.

Bleeding After Shaving

Ice Cubes

This one’s low key, but it actually works just as well, and in some cases even better than the tips listed above. Ice will stop your face from bleeding. You apply the ice, and your blood vessels will constrict. Of course, the effectiveness of this approach is probably directly proportional to how far your freezer is away from the bathroom. But, if you’re quick about it, you can stop the bloodbath from continuing to the point where you have to change your shirt

Let’s Be Real, Though…

Frankly, our advice to you is to stop shaving all together. Men have facial hair for a reason. If you’re bleeding out all over yourself on a daily basis, it may be time to consider a beard.

Bleeding After Shaving