If you’re anything like me, the minute you’re invited to a summer wedding, right after deciding who your +1 should be, you ask yourself a combination of the following questions: what should I wear? Can I wear black? How do I keep from sweating if it’s outdoors? do I have to wear light colors?  

And you’re not alone—so for that exact reason we’ve gone ahead and done all the research so you don’t have to. Even though what you wear can be affected by the location of the event (city, country) or its theme, here are some general do’s and don’ts of dressing up (and killing it) at a summer wedding.

1. Keep the Colors Light (If you Can) 

Here at TMG, we firmly believe that you should always, at least, wear a suit to a wedding (even if the invitation says black-tie optional). Summer wedding season is the perfect time to rock out a light colored suit such as light brown, baby blue, khaki—a wedding is a celebration, and light and bright colors will convey that congratulatory excitement.


That being said, unless you have all the money in the world, you don’t have to go out and buy a new light-colored suit that you’ll only wear once for a new marriage that, according to marital statistics, may not last that long.

Instead, combine your navy, grey, and even black suit with a light, playful button-down: pink, salmon, or pastel greens and blues.

2. The fabrics should be light too

Light colours combined with a heavy, unbreathable fabric could be a hellish combination, making you a visibly sweaty mess. For a summer wedding you need light, breathable fabrics (linen, cotton, seersucker) and no more layers than your button-down and the suit jacket; this is not the moment for a 3-piece.

3. The more playful the tie the better


This is the perfect opportunity to rock a playful, colourful tie (yes the kind that wouldn’t work at a board meeting during the week). Think floral and playful patterns and even a bow tie. A good style rule to remember is that, if your shirt is playful, then your tie should be a little more serious; and vice-a-versa. Playful tie with a serious shirt, playful shirt with a serious tie.

4. Perfect time for loafers 

This is completely optional but such a summery event allows you to match your light suit with brown loafers. If you think that’s overdoing it, you can wear brown Oxfords without socks and a higher than usual trouser break.

5. With confidence you can pull it off, but don’t overdo it

So you’ve followed all the rules and gotten yourself a baby blue suit with a playful bow tie and the cool loafers, etc, etc, and I’m happy that you have the confidence to pull it off. However, you don’t want to be the center of attention or steal the show from the groom. Keep it subtle and classy and don’t go overboard with the accessories.

Now here’s to the bride and the groom!