Every St. Patrick’s Day people rush to bars and drink a metric shit ton of Guinness, as if there wasn’t any other Irish beers. Not so fun fact: The Guinness you drink here is most likely brewed in America or Canada, with an exception but more on that later. In order to to make your St. Patty’s day experience as “authentic” as we can, we highlighted some Irish beers that you might not have tried, and if you have, you’re not completely sick of them after the same brands for years. Also, if you have trouble finding some of these beers in your area, BeerMenus might be able to help you out.

Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale

Starting off with a default Irish beer, you really can’t go wrong with a Kilkenny. This is a great beer for someone who isn’t into hops or overwhelming ingredients. This light cream ale tastes just as it sounds, nothing surprising about it. Kilkenny does taste better as a draught beer than bottled, however the nitro cans are just as good.

O’Hara Irish Stout

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O’Hara is one of Ireland’s most well known brewery and this is their flagship beer for a good reason. This jet black stout tastes creamier and smoother than you’d expect, without losing any of it’s taste of course. It’s similar to a dry espresso, one that’ll get you drunk. Great go-to stout, and one that you can drink all night since it sits at a 4.3% ABV.

Smithwick Superior Irish Ale

Smithwick’s Ale should be available at a bunch of spots on St. Patrick’s Day, but hopefully they’ll have it’s Superior version. This Irish Ale has plenty of flavor and a balanced taste. Nothing about it truly stands out but the blends of fruits and malts will leave you pleased, great session beer if you plan on starting St. Patrick’s Day early.

The Porterhouse Brewing Oyster Stout

A really smooth full bodied stout that’s brewed with fresh oysters. As usual, the toasted malt flavor you come to expect is intact, but it’s saltier and more caramel based than most other stouts. It’s a 5.2% ABV so you won’t get too fucked up drinking it.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

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This might be the hardest beer to find on this list but if you’re gonna drink Guinness, you might as well go for the best there is. Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is completely different from the Guinness most of our favorite bars carry. For one thing, its actually brewed in Ireland and exported globally. Secondly, it’s everything that made Guinness Extra Stout a bar favorite, but on steroids. Foreign Extra Stout is thicker, creamier, and the cocoa and coffee notes taste way more flavorful. Not to mention that it’s stronger in alcohol content at a 7.5 ABV, in comparison to regular Extra Stout which ranges between 4-5%.