No matter the relationship, we’re all bound to know a true beer lover. And since the holidays are around the corner, you might be scurrying around for a good present to give them. We’ll help you out with a few gift ideas that vary in price, from cheapest to the most extravagant, but every one of these is guaranteed to please that beer snob in your life.

1- Beer  ($20-30+)

beer lovers

This one is pretty obvious right? Beer lovers love beer so get them some. Every town has a good brewery so find out that person’s favorite spot and get em a growler or 3 from there. No breweries around you? Hit up a liquor store and get a few 6 packs. You can also hit up certain spots that sell loose bottles and make your own custom variety pack.


2-  Beer Bottle Cap Shadow Box ($50+)

beer bottle cap shadow box beer lovers


A lot of us like collecting bottles, labels, or even caps. However, caps are the easiest to store and let’s face it, this shadow box looks really nice. This is a perfect addition to any mancave. There are some others on the market, but for the price, this is hands down the nicest looking of the bunch.

3- Home Brew Kit With Equipment ($99-150+)

beer lovers homebrew starter kit


Everyone needs a good place to start with their new hobby. A lot of beer lovers get inspired to start brewing their own concoctions. However, this is a heads up for anyone that buys random home brew kits that come in a box. Those kits do NOT come with any equipment needed to home brew, they only include the ingredients. I’ve met way too many people that think that all you need is the ingredients and a bucket, and you’re set. Don’t be that person, be better prepared. This kit courtesy of Northern Brewers brings the ingredients for a basic amber ale, and a grand majority of the equipment you’ll need to get started.

4- Kegerators ($150-800+)

beer lovers kegerator


A Kegerator is exactly what it sounds like: a fridge made for a single (or double) kegs. It can get pricey, but there’s not a single beer lover that wouldn’t appreciate this. The good thing is that you have plenty of options. Smaller Mini-Kegarators can range from $150 and up, but if you really want to go big then a dual Kegerator is the way to go.

5- A Beer Vacation ($700+)

beer lovers beer vacation


This is the motherload. If you have the money, and have someone that you love as much as they love beer, then a beer vacation is hands down one of the best gifts you can buy. So what can a beer vacation consist of? Traveling to a city with a good beer scene, touring the breweries, do pairings and other beer events, etc. Also, there are a few breweries that have complete itineraries and a place to stay. Dogfish Head Brewery has the Dogfish Inn which has a variety of packages to choose from. Other breweries partner up with local inns, such as The Inn & Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY. Their Bed & Brew package gives you a perfect weekend powered by one of the best craft breweries in the U.S.