There are certain states where a list of best breweries is incredibly easy to do, that’s not Florida. Craft breweries have been sprouting up left and right in this state, and we need them with the amount of crazy shit that goes on around here. As always, there will be people up in arms in regards to their favorite brewery not showing up on the list, but Florida is a pretty big state and it has an enormous crew of talented brewmasters state wide. So to great breweries such as Wynwood Brewing and Green Room Brewing that didn’t make the list, it was extremely hard to leave you out, but you’ll always have a spot in our heart and liver.

Here are The Man Guide’s best breweries in Florida.

Coppertail Brewing (Tampa, FL)

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Starting off the list with a brewery that I’ve yet to try a mediocre beer from, Coppertail Brewing. Coppertail is powered by award winning brewmaster Casey Hughes, who’s the ex-head brewer of NJ’s Flying Fish. Hughes decided to take his talents down south to Tampa and brought his distinct taste with him to bless all the Florida craft beer fiends.  This aforementioned talent is whole heartedly displayed in Unholy, an amazing american trippel that’s packed with flavor. Speaking of flavor, if you’re a fan of hops you can try their excellent Free Dive IPA, but nothing compares to Brews Banner, a double IPA who’s taste is smoother than it’s strong scent makes it out to be.

M.I.A. Beer Company (Doral, FL)

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Through out the past few years, more than a few good breweries started popping up through out Miami. One of the newest breweries on this list and already making noise. M.I.A. opened its brewery in 2014 and has earned the locals admiration by offering a solid list of brews. Although it lacks the awards that some of it’s peers have won, you can’t deny the great taste M.I.A. brings to the table with products such as their rum barreled imperial stout, Czarface. Some of their flagship beers like Miami Weiss and Megamix are available in cans and are perfect for a beach day in Miami, both of these are a bit above average in ABV (both are nearly 6%) and pack quite the flavor. If you’re ever at their brewery, make sure to try Calle Oatcho Nitro, a solid oatmeal stout which goes great with most of their delicious food offerings.

7venth Sun Brewery (Dunedin, FL)

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7venth Sun has won a multitude of awards nationwide since it’s inception in 2012, but it won it’s most prestigious award recently, a silver medal at the World Beer Cup for La Fete saison. Founders Devon Kreps and Justin Stange have mastered the art of brewing and are now set to open a second location for their ever expanding brewery. Mangrove Double IPA is one of their finest offerings for fans of that hoppy goodness, it also has layers of citrus which help smooth out the hops and slight malt taste. If you’re lucky enough to visit their taproom, no matter what type of beer you’re into, chances are 7venth Sun has something for you. Chelsea Grin imperial stout, Booty Wax barley wine, and Temerity Belgian Strong Ale are all brews that the state of Florida is lucky to have around.

Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, FL)

Cigar City opened in 2009 by Joseph Redner and Wayne Wambles, and ever since it’s been rising up the charts in the craft beer world. Jai Alai is one of the best IPAs in Florida and it’s flavor is extremely refreshing yet hoppy. Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout is exquisite, and packs a huge punch at 11% ABV; it’s barrel aged version is just as good, if not better. Both of these stouts have a world class rating on BeerAdvocate. If you want another dark beer that won’t put you on your ass immediately, the Puppy’s Breath porter is just what you need. It’s a simple blend of chocolate, toffee and caramel notes that will please your palette and it contains a steady 8% ABV. One of the most interesting releases from CGB is their Humidor Series, which has earned them multiple awards in beer championships and the Great American Beer Festival. Humidor Series takes their already delicious recipes and it’s aged on Spanish cedar (same material used on cigar boxes) giving it a distinct flavor exclusive to the Cigar City brand.

Funky Buddha (Oakland Park, FL)

Picking the best spot between Cigar City and Funky Buddha is like being asked which is your favorite kid. It’s all going to depend on your mood and whatever beer is currently your favorite, but there’s no doubt that these 2 titans are always at the top of the list. Since 2007, Funky Buddha has made a name for itself, not only in Florida, but nationwide. At last year’s Word Beer Cup they took home the Specialty Beer gold medal with their Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. Their success through out the years has translated into the opening of a much bigger brewery in 2010, and their expanding of the brand in the form of a craft beer cruise. Numerous Funky Buddha brews have become a staple down south, such as the Floridian Hefeweizen and Hop Gun IPA. Their stouts and porters are outstanding as well, besides the previously mentioned Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, FB has a wide assortment of dark beers including Snowed In and Last Snow (both have a World Class rating on BeerAdvocate). Funky Buddha is a brewery that is built to stand the test of time and will remain one of the top Florida breweries for years to come.