Recreational marijuana is finally available in states all across America, and as such, there are suddenly many curious pot virgins out there. So if you have never smoked pot before, here are a few things you should know.

And if the last time you smoked pot was in college 30 years ago, you might want to stay tuned as well. Shit has changed. And it’s awesome.

Pot is not a psychedelic

A lot of first time smokers expect to “trip out” a little, and not to burst your bubble, but a few hits off a joint aren’t going to have you seeing tie dye. Unless you are at a Phish concert, in which case, you probably don’t need any advice about pot. Or how to trip out.

If you are actually interested in how pot works, NORML has a great article explaining how cannabinoids affect your brain. Needless to say, while pot does get you high, it is not going to be some Alice in Wonderland experience. That said, if you are a doctor, pot could end up making you write a really long article about how pot affects your brain…

Nobody cares if you’re high

Some people experience paranoia when they smoke pot. This can stem from any of a number of things, but one of the most common reasons is “oh shit, everyone knows I’m high!” And, there is a good chance they do.

Okay, take a deep breath. Because here is the thing…


Okay, not nobody, but assuming you aren’t getting stoned before work or being pulled over by a cop, most people out in public could not give less of a shit if you are high or not. So go ahead and get that second bag of Doritos with your box of donuts – they already know you’re high and they don’t care.

Edibles WILL get you high

I had one brownie. I didn’t feel anything, so then I ate another. Two hours later, I was elbow deep in a box of lucky charms, watching Planet Earth on DVD and trying to figure out if the narration was coming from the TV or inside my head.

If you decided to go the edible route, just remember this – they will get you high. Often they will get you really, really, really high. But not right away. So just give it a chance before you launch into that third gummy bear.

Different Pot Behaves Differently

One of the luxuries of living someplace where pot is legalized is the unbelievable selection at your disposal. And in all different strengths and sorts.


Some strains, known as indicas, act like opiates and give the user a deep body high. Sativas, on the other hand, are more like uppers, creating euphoria and a sense of curiosity.

Some strains have a very high THC content (the active ingredient in marijuana), whereas others have barely any at all.

The key is to find out what kind works best for you. Some people love really strong sativas, whereas others like a mild indica. Hell, you can even find a bunch of blends that mix and meld the features of the two separate strains.

That said, you don’t need to settle down with just one kind either. Many people have different pot for different situations. Going to a concert or a having a day in the park? A few grams of sativa will certainly make things pop a bit. And a day chilling on the couch watching Netflix is the perfect pairing for a big bong hit of some indica.

And the beautiful part is there are no wrong answers. So try a bunch of different strains and see what you like (this part is a lot of fun too).