Mother’s Day is coming and you’re just as tired of getting the same candles and flowers every year, as she is of getting them. So this year let’s make an attempt to give her something a little more meaningful. Here are 11 suggestions to get you started – take one for yourself and pass the other ten along to your equally clueless friends.

  1. A Mani/Pedi

Sometimes moms aren’t the best at spoiling themselves. Whether you want to turn it into a Saturday morning adventure together or just provide the gift card for her to go with a friend, everybody can appreciate a nice nail job. It lets her be pampered for an hour without any stress and the result will last at least a few weeks!

Major key if… You need something you can grab easily and quickly – always in stock and lots of locations to choose from on your route home from work!


  1. Take her shopping

Shopping with your mom might not be what you had planned for your weekend, but why not? Now that you’re all grown up, you guys don’t spend the same kind of quality time together that you used to. Taking her shopping also pushes her to get out and treat herself when she may normally avoid malls at all costs for the crowds and aggressive sales people. Having you there with her can put her at ease and it gives you an opportunity to treat her to a few items. Plus, you can pick up a few things for yourself when you’re there! It’s a win-win.

Major key if…Your mom is indecisive or you haven’t seen a lot of each other recently.


  1. Hire a cleaning woman for the day

Let your mom be royalty for a day. Get her to lounge around while someone else picks up her mess and cleans the house professionally. Chances are she did the same for you for years and never complained about it. Come to think about it, she never got paid either. So splurge a little on the old lady and give her a well-deserved break on Mother’s Day.

Major key if…Your mom does a lot for you.


  1. A Keychain (Wait, what?)

Lame, right? Wrong.

This is a great option if you don’t get to spend a lot of time around your mom anymore, especially if you have siblings that can jump in on it as well. Between online stores like Etsy and even retail spots like Things Engraved, it’s not hard to come up with a custom keychain for your mom. You can include a letter for each member of your family or maybe there’s a saying that will make her smile every time she sees it. No matter what it looks like, it will serve as a reminder of you and your siblings every time she leaves the house, drives somewhere, or gets to the office.

Major key if…You and your siblings aren’t around too often.

Couple at club

  1. A date night with dad

Even if your parents have become empty nesters, they might not be in the habit of going out and enjoying themselves very often. Grab a restaurant gift card and make a reservation for two somewhere to let them have a little escape. You can browse coupon sites like Groupon and even get great deals for an overnight trip or a local attraction. Check out OpenTable and Zagat to find great restaurants in her area. Avoid Cracker Barrel and Hooters.

Who says Mother’s Day has to be about you and your mom? Bring her back to the days before she became a mom. If dad is no longer around, she can invite one of friends. Trust us, she’s not going to hate for this.

Major key if…Your parents never get out of the house together.


  1. Your Netflix password (warning: may include a technology lesson or two)

Letting people into your Netflix can be scary, but it’ll be worth it. Time’s are changing and we can’t let Mom get left behind! Gone are the days of being restricted to watching what’s on TV, and now your mom can watch the classics online or find some new goodies. Set her up with access to your account or you can even buy a gift card to get her started on her own. Feeling real generous? Buy her a smart TV or tablet so she can watch it with ease!

Keep in mind you have been warned; This option may come with a lesson or two and a few calls on the weekend with questions on how to save a TV show or how to log back in if she signed herself out.

Major key if…Your mom doesn’t “do” technology very well.


  1. A sincere message

Buy a card online to get it shipped right to your house or grab a blank piece of paper from your printer and just write. We forget to tell our parents how thankful we really are for them. Remind her of some of your favorite memories together, the times she helped you out when you were really stuck, and how much you look forward to together.

Major key if…You’re working with a tight budget or generally don’t express yourself very openly!


  1. A family photo shoot

Sounds cheesy, but you’ll appreciate it a few years after the fact. Growing up your mom can snap all the photos she wants and drag you to however many cheesy photo shoots she decides is necessary, but she loses that power when you’re all grown up and dispersed. Hire a photographer and mark a date on the calendar when the whole family can make it. The day will be full of laughs as you all try to step up your Kardashian posing game, and you’ll have some great photos to appreciate ten years down the road.

Major key if…Your family sucks at capturing moments with the camera!

 Outdoor group portrait of black multi generation family

  1. Monthly flower delivery

This one can become a bit pricey, but if you’re up for the cost, it’s one of the greatest ways to keep on giving all year round. A lot of flower shops offer this service now and create a unique centerpiece for each month depending on the season and the relevant holidays. Your mom can look forward to what’s coming next month and have something beautiful to look at every day when she wakes up or comes home from work!

Major key if…You live in another city from your mom. You can remind her every day that you’re there for her despite the distance!


  1. Something to remember old memories

Remember when you were just a cute little toddler? Bring it back! Print off some photos and grab some frames to give your mom something cute to look at when she’s missing you. This is a really great option if you have a big family – get creative! Pull photos from childhood right through to your sibling’s wedding. A digital frame is a great option because you can load it up with a ton of photos and your mom can proudly display it. It also means the next time a holiday comes around, you can treat her to an update with more photos swapped in!

Major key if…Your mom’s a sucker for sentiments and baby versions of you and your siblings.


  1. Something to create new memories

Your mom is probably cooler than you ever realized growing up. She’s worth hanging out with, so skip the chocolate and flowers and do something together! Find a concert you would both enjoy or look up what events are happening locally. Spend a Sunday morning at the farmer’s market in your neighborhood or daytrip it to a beach just outside your city. Whatever you choose, your mom will be happy she’s creating new memories with you – and so will you.

Major key if…You don’t want to regret the time you didn’t spend with your mom once it’s too late!