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Most couples tend to just go to their favorite restaurant, or spend too much time at home watching Netflix. Don’t be that guy who is so comfortable with the way he’s living that he can’t leave his comfort zone. Be the man who wants to try new things, the one who will take the time to plan a great date.

There are a few things that you should consider so you can deliver on an original date. Pick something new and exciting, don’t be cliché, and do your research. Since we know that choosing an activity might be a bit difficult, we have gathered a list with great ideas for your next date.

Go mountain biking

This might be the most adventurous idea, but it might also be the most fun. Show off your physical abilities and have fun; besides, trying new things together will only strengthen your relationship. Most cities have shops where you can rent bikes.

Pro tip: Mountain biking trails usually have various difficulties, choose the easiest one on your first try. You don’t want anyone getting hurt on a date.

Take a mini road trip

Spending all your time in the same city might become boring and monotonous. Instead, take a short trip to somewhere outside your area, and have fun visiting new local restaurants, parks, etc. If you leave the crowded city, you will also spend less as small towns around huge cosmopolitan hubs lower their prices to compete with the city.

Play paintball

If your girl isn’t afraid of getting dirty, take her to play some paintball. Yes, it might get rough, and the paintballs might hurt on contact, but if she dresses accordingly, she won’t get hurt. Some people don’t like paintball though, so make sure to ask her before going.

Hop in a canoe

This is a great way of escaping the routine and doing something different and fun. This activity doesn’t require any previous skill, just have to pick a calm lake instead of a river. If you want to impress her even more, pick a restaurant beforehand and have a romantic dinner together afterwards. Remember, it’s all about being effortlessly memorable.

Go to a concert

Who doesn’t like music? Going to a concert might be one of the best ways to have fun on a date, just make sure that she’ll like the band you choose. Music festivals are also a good option, specially if you two like an specific genre, like metal or house music. Remember it’s summer, so it’s festival season.

Cook something together

Knowing how to cook will earn you more than a few points with your date. Open a bottle of wine, get to know each other, and cook something together. How the rest of the evening unfolds is on you, my friend.

Go to the arcade

It might sound childish, but it is a great way to spend some time together and have lots of fun, specially if you enjoy playing video games. See what games you like, what games she likes, and try to choose the ones that can be played with two players. Just don’t be too competitive because that might ruin the night. Going to the arcade will also spark a bit of nostalgia in your date so she’ll open up and you’ll get to know each other.

Visit a museum

Walking around a museum or an aquarium is quite romantic, plus you get to learn a lot of new stuff in a fun way. This will also show your date that you have an intellectual side and a thirst for knowledge.

Pro tip: most museums have free days, so this awesome date could even end up being free!


I know this one might sound like it’s bound to be embarrassing but karaoke is a lot of fun. Also, by showing your date that you don’t mind being in the spotlight and making a fool of yourself (a little bit), you will come off as self-confident, fun, and comfortable in your own skin.


Okay this one works only if you’re already officially a couple or about to become one. Looking at the stars together with that special someone will surely be an unforgettable moment. It sounds like a cliche because it is depicted in movies as something that most couples do, but in reality it is the opposite: no one does it!

What’s not to like? You get to enjoy nature, each other’s ideas and silence, and you both get to escape the constant buzzing of cars, cellphones, etc.

Don’t let your relationship become boring. A healthy relationship needs more than an expensive dinner or a night at the club. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be original and different. Keep it interesting.