With services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, there has never been so much access to so many movies before. So when it comes to choosing a good flick, the process can be hard. Movie trailers can only show you so much and these days Rotten Tomatoes can be extremely misleading.

Thus, TMG is here to help you choose. Here are 10 great movies you probably haven’t seen (but definitely need to).

1) Primal Fear

This is Edward Norton at his youngest but he was already a top actor. The movie provides an ending that is unbelievable so to ensure ultimate enjoyment, do not read anything about the movie beforehand. Just trust us and go watch it. Plus, it has Richard Gere. Everyone loves Richard Gere.

2) Alpha Dog

Some may doubt this movie because of Justin Timberlake but don’t. It’s amazing and he’s amazing in it. Similar to Primal Fear, this movie offers an ending that will stay in your mind for awhile and it comes with a sweet swimming pool scene with Amanda Seyfried. Bonus!

3) Snatch

This masterpiece by Guy Ritchie is a must-see for any action movie lover. Following the lives of the three different groups all trying to survive in the crime world of London, this movie offers both comedy and suspense. It can be argued to be one of Brad Pitt’s best performances, even if you can’t understand a word he says.

4) City of God

This is movie based in Brazil, dealing with a young man’s attempt to escape the drug world and become a journalist. The movie is in Portuguese, but the plot is intense subtitles won’t be an issue. Stellar movie.

5) Into the Wild

This ultimate traveller’s movie as the main character, Emile Hirsch (also the main character in Alpha Dog), gives up everything and backpacks across North America in hopes of reaching Alaska. It’s a well shot flick that makes you really question the worries in your own life.

6) End of Watch

Although this movie is newer than the rest, coming out in 2012, it is equally as worthy. It features the lives of two cops (Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena) as they patrol one of the roughest neighbourhoods in Los Angeles. Shot as a dramatic mockumentary, it shows what happens when patrol cops dig a little too deep.

7) Delirious

The fanatsy of essentially ever guy:  a nobody, well actually a homeless nobody, finds himself in the right spot, at the right time, as a music star falls in love with him and makes him famous. Plus, Steve Buscemi is in it and crazy as usual.

8) Gran Torino

While this movie is pretty well-known, you may have missed it. This 2008 drama features Clint Eastwood who plays a racist Korean War veteran living in a crime-ridden Detroit neighborhood. As the movie develops, Eastwood is forced to confront his own prejudice as he begins to help out a young troubled teen in his neighbourhood.

9) Garden State

Written and starred in by Zach Braff, this 2004 drama offers a strange take on a romance film. It deals with feelings of isolation and awkwardness that every man goes through but that he might not want to admit to himself.

10) The Skin I Live In


Best for last. You’ve seen this movie right? If not you should and you should also watch any of the movies Pedro Almodovar has directed. This movie is as unpredictable as it is fascinating and scary. It is also includes the best performance ever by Antonio Banderas. This movie will captivate you and make you think about sexuality, parenthood, and revenge.